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Lough Gill Brewery Breakers - Gluten Free Pale Ale - 4.2% Abv - 30L Keg (52 Pints) - Stainless Steel Keg

Lough Gill Brewery Breakers - Gluten Free Pale Ale - 4.2% Abv - 30L Keg (52 Pints) - Stainless Steel Keg

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All steel kegs require either a €50 returnable deposit or the return of a steel keg from the SAME brewery of the SAME size. E.G. 50L Guinness Keg for 50L Guinness Keg.

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The keg will be available for collection 3 working days from order.

Lough Gill Brewery's 'Breakers' isn't merely another ale; it's a passionate celebration of Sligo's illustrious brewing heritage. Each pour unveils a cascade of sensations, a true reflection of the brewery's commitment to unparalleled excellence.

Appearance: 'Breakers' offers a pristine, clear amber hue, inviting you in with its gentle effervescence, and crowning itself with a frothy, enduring head. It's a visual treat, reminiscent of the serenity of Lough Gill.

Aroma: A fragrant bouquet bursts forth as soon as you break the surface. Mosaic & Chinook hops dominate, unveiling tantalising notes of tropical fruits, a fresh piney undercurrent, and zesty grapefruit hints that promise a vibrant flavour profile.

Flavour: Each sip is a testament to Lough Gill Brewery's craft. The brew's base, an Irish Pale Malt, provides a solid foundation, allowing the dynamic interplay of hops to shine. Expect an upfront tropical fruitiness, transitioning to the unmistakable bite of grapefruit, and concluding with a delightful tangerine twist.

Mouthfeel: 'Breakers' delivers a smooth, medium-bodied experience. Its carbonation strikes the right balance, offering a refreshing and easy-drinking pale ale that invites you for another round.

Whether you're hosting a BBQ, curating your home bar, or simply indulging in a relaxing evening, the 'Breakers' Gluten-Free Pale Ale Keg is your perfect companion. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavours, each sip echoing the wild beauty and cultural vibrancy of Sligo. Don't hold back; purchase online or instore and dive into a world of craft brilliance.

Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Sligo, Lough Gill Brewery stands as a beacon of craft brewing. Established in 2016, this independent brewery quickly breathed new life into Sligo's storied brewing history. Taking cues from its picturesque surroundings by the Wild Atlantic Way, the brewery crafts beers that are as wild, pristine, and mesmerising as the Irish west coast. Pushing the envelope with every brew, Lough Gill Brewery, over the years, has redefined what it means to produce craft beer, ensuring each creation reflects the heart, soul, and spirit of its homeland.

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