Collection: Tapping heads

Unlock the deliciousness locked inside your keg with the right keg coupler.

Keg couplers are a key component of your kegerator or draft beer system. It’s the piece that unlocks the golden treasure stored inside a keg of beer and sends it on its journey to your taps. We’ve tapped the knowledge of our beer experts here at Craft Beer Growlers to bring you some helpful information in regards to couplers and making sure you choose the right one.

A keg coupler (keg tap/tapping head) connects the airline (the CO2 or Nitrogen tank) and the beer line to your keg so that everything flows properly. It uses the compressed air from the CO2 or nitrogen tank to push the beer out of your draft system and into your glass. If your beer keg coupler isn't attached properly, you won't be pouring anything out.

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