Collection: Gas Regulators

The contents of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) & N2 (Nitrogen aka Nitro) gas tanks are under extremely high pressure. The main function of any regulator is to lower that pressure to a safer, more usable level before the gas reaches the keg. The regulator is also responsible for maintaining the optimal carbonation level of the beer being dispensed.


Parts of a Draft Beer Regulator

  • Low-pressure gauge: Measures the pressure of the gas going into your keg.
  • High-pressure gauge: Measures the amount of gas remaining in the tank.
  • Shut off valve: Opens and closes the flow of gas from the tank to the regulator and keg. Flow is open when the lever is parallel to the gas line, and closed when perpendicular to the line.
  • Pressure adjustment: Sets the level of pressure going to the keg. This may be adjusted by turning a screw or knob depending on the model of your regulator.
  • Outlet fitting: Connects airline from keg coupler to the regulator.
  • CO2 inlet: Connects regulator to gas tank. Use an air tank wrench to tighten or loosen the inlet nut.
  • Pressure release valve: Pull to release gas from the system