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PerfectDraft is a home draught system designed to deliver the perfect pint in the comfort of your own home. The PerfectDraft offers a wide variety of beer making it a fantastic choice for beer enthusiasts. Its sleek, stylish design and the promise of high-quality draught beer at home make it a popular product among beer lovers.

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Blade Kegs

The Blade is a compact, professional-grade beer tap system designed for home use. It works with specially designed 8-liter Blade kegs, offering a wide variety of beer brands for users to enjoy. The kegs are easy to install and, once opened, stay fresh for up to 30 days, ensuring that the last glass of beer is as perfect as the first. This innovative device is celebrated for its simplicity and usability, which allow beer enthusiasts to serve pub-quality draught beer from the comfort of their own homes.

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DreamDraft & 5L Kegs

The DreamDraft Beer Keg Chiller and Draught Tap optimises keg cooling with a quiet 65-watt motor and an 800ml water bath. You can adjust the temperature from 2 to 12°C. It comes with a drip tray, can work with Huber Style Gravity feed kegs from, and includes 3 CO2 cartridges to keep beer fresh. It's also compatible with Heineken style kegs.

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