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Welcome to the Craft Beer Kegs category at, where you can explore a premium selection of Irish craft brews from top breweries like Rye River Brewing. Our range includes diverse styles such as Lager, Stout, and Cider, with additional varieties available upon request.

Craft Beer Ireland: Enjoy authentic Irish craft beer with our selection of beer kegs for sale, available in keg 50L and keg 30L sizes. These kegs are perfect for any setting, from home bars to large events, ensuring you always have fresh, quality beer on tap.

Kegs Dublin and Kegs Ireland: We provide fast and reliable keg delivery across Ireland. Whether you're looking for kegs for sale in Dublin or elsewhere, we can deliver right to your doorstep.

For regular bar and pub deliveries or emergency keg needs, contact Fionn at or call 0868074715. Our services include weekend keg collection available until 10pm daily.

Please note, a keg deposit is required, or a return keg from the same brewery. This helps us maintain the quality and sustainability of our craft beer offerings.

Explore our collection today at and discover why we are the go-to source for beer kegs for home and commercial use, championing the best of Craft Beer Ireland.

Craft Beer Kegs

Welcome to the Craft Beer Kegs category at, where discerning beer enthusiasts can explore a premium selection of craft brews from some of Ireland's finest breweries. Whether you're a connoisseur of complex flavours or new to the craft beer scene, our collection is sure to impress with a diverse range of styles and brews tailored to elevate your drinking experience.

Craft Beer Ireland: Immerse yourself in Ireland's rich craft beer culture with kegs from celebrated local breweries like Rye River Brewing, known for its innovative and flavourful creations. Experience the authenticity of Irish craft beer, brewed with passion and precision.

Beer Kegs for Sale: Our extensive lineup includes beer kegs for sale in various sizes to suit any occasion. From intimate gatherings to larger celebrations, find the perfect craft beer to make your event memorable.

Keg 50L and Keg 30L: Ideal for parties and gatherings, our keg 50L and keg 30L options offer generous volumes, ensuring you have plenty of beer to serve all your guests. These larger kegs are perfect for enthusiasts looking to enjoy their favourite craft beers without the worry of running short.

Beer Kegs for Home: Bring the craft brewery experience into your home with our beer kegs for home. These kegs are perfectly sized for personal use, fitting seamlessly into your home bar or kegerator, providing fresh, draught beer whenever you desire.

Kegs Dublin and Kegs Ireland: Located in Dublin and serving all of Ireland, offers convenient and fast delivery of craft beer kegs. Whether you're in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland, our kegs for sale are just a click away. Enjoy the ease of having premium kegs of beer delivered directly to your doorstep.

Kegs for Sale: Browse our full range of kegs for sale, featuring exclusive brews from Rye River Brewing among other top craft breweries. Each keg is selected for its quality and unique characteristics, ensuring that every pint poured is a testament to the art of craft brewing.

At, we are dedicated to supporting and promoting Craft Beer Ireland, bringing you the finest selections from local artisans and larger craft breweries alike. Explore our collection today and discover why we are the leading destination for craft beer kegs in Dublin and across Ireland. Enjoy the convenience, variety, and quality of our craft beer offerings and elevate your beer drinking experience to new heights.