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Lough Gill - Black Wave - Nitro Stout - 4.2% ABV - 30L Keg (53 Pints) - UniKeg

Lough Gill - Black Wave - Nitro Stout - 4.2% ABV - 30L Keg (53 Pints) - UniKeg

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Immerse yourself in the rich, creamy world of Lough Gill's Black Wave Nitro Stout, now available in a convenient 30L Unikeg. This exceptional stout, with its 4.2% ABV, is a testament to the innovative spirit of Lough Gill Brewery, a beacon of craft brewing nestled in the heart of Ireland's stunning natural landscapes.

Lough Gill Brewery, renowned for its commitment to quality and tradition, has crafted a stout that is both a nod to the past and a leap into the future of brewing. The Black Wave Nitro Stout is a perfect blend of classic stout characteristics with a modern twist, making it a standout choice for stout enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: Pours a deep, opaque black with a thick, creamy tan head, thanks to the nitrogen infusion. The cascading effect as it settles is a visual treat, reminiscent of the rolling waves off the Irish coast.
  • Aroma: The nose is greeted with a symphony of roasted malts, offering hints of coffee and dark chocolate, intertwined with a subtle sweetness that beckons the first sip.
  • Flavour: On the palate, the Black Wave Nitro Stout delivers a rich tapestry of flavours. The dark roasted malts provide a robust coffee and chocolate profile, balanced by a gentle sweetness and a hint of caramel. The bitterness is well-rounded, never overpowering, but enough to add depth.
  • Mouthfeel: The nitrogenation gives this stout a velvety, smooth texture that glides over the tongue, leaving a pleasingly creamy sensation. It's full-bodied yet remarkably easy to drink, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

This stout is not just a beverage; it's an experience. It's ideal for those special gatherings, be it a BBQ, a family reunion, or a quiet evening by the fireplace. Its versatility makes it a great companion for a wide range of foods, from hearty stews to rich desserts.

From, we are proud to present this exquisite stout. Our commitment to providing high-quality, diverse beer selections is embodied in offerings like the Lough Gill Black Wave Nitro Stout. We ensure that each keg, including this 30L Unikeg, is perfect for both home bars and larger events, guaranteeing a professional draught experience every time.

Purchase online or in-store now at, and bring the essence of Irish brewing craftsmanship to your home or event. Embrace the wave of flavour and tradition with Lough Gill's Black Wave Nitro Stout.

Beer Type: Stout

ABV: 4.2%

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