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Argentina - Barbarians - Malbec - Uco Valley - 20L Keg

Argentina - Barbarians - Malbec - Uco Valley - 20L Keg

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Indulge in the rich flavours of Uco Valley with our 20-litre KeyKeg of Barbarians Malbec. This premium keg combines exceptional quality with sustainable packaging, ideal for restaurants, wine bars, and enthusiasts looking for an eco-friendly wine serving solution.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Quality: Sourced from the fertile Uco Valley in Argentina, this Malbec is celebrated for its deep, robust flavours and silky tannins, embodying the unique terroir of the region.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: Our KeyKeg uses advanced technology that reduces environmental impact, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional wine bottles. Enjoy your wine knowing you’re supporting eco-conscious wine production.
  • Extended Freshness: The innovative KeyKeg system ensures that each glass poured retains the freshness and integrity of the wine, thanks to its cutting-edge preservation capabilities. Your wine stays fresh up to 9 weeks after tapping.
  • Ready-to-Serve Convenience: Easy to connect and set up with most dispensing systems, our KeyKeg allows for efficient service and minimal waste, perfect for high-volume settings.
  • Versatility and Savings: Ideal for varying business needs, from small gatherings to large events, this keg offers approximately 26 bottles' worth of wine, providing excellent value and reducing the cost per serving.

Perfect For: Wine enthusiasts and professionals looking to serve high-quality, sustainably packaged Malbec with the convenience of on-demand dispensing. Ideal for enhancing the dining experience at eateries, upscale pubs, and special events.

Elevate your wine offerings with our 20-litre KeyKeg Barbarians Malbec from Uco Valley, and deliver a memorable, top-quality wine experience with every pour.

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