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Austria - Arnold Holzer - Wagarm - Grunner Veltliner Orange - Orange Wine - 20L Keg

Austria - Arnold Holzer - Wagarm - Grunner Veltliner Orange - Orange Wine - 20L Keg

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Introduce a vibrant twist to your home bar with our 20-litre keg of Arnold Holzer’s Wagram Grüner Veltliner Orange, an exquisite orange wine from the lush vineyards of Wagram, Austria. This keg is perfect for aficionados seeking to explore the rich and intriguing world of orange wines with the convenience and sustainability of modern keg packaging.

Key Features:

  • Unique Orange Wine: This Grüner Veltliner Orange wine captures the essence of its grape skins, fermented with the whites to create a deeply nuanced flavour profile with notes of apricot, citrus zest, and a hint of spice.
  • Sustainably Crafted: Embrace eco-friendliness with our keg that significantly reduces environmental impact by cutting down on waste and emissions compared to traditional wine bottles.
  • Maintained Freshness: Advanced keg technology ensures that the wine’s complex flavours and aromatic richness are preserved up to 9 weeks after tapping, making every glass as delightful as the first.
  • Seamless Serving: Designed for easy integration with home dispensing systems, this keg offers a convenient, no-fuss solution for serving high-quality wine effortlessly at home.
  • Cost-Efficient Luxury: With the volume of about 26 standard bottles, this keg is both economical and space-saving, providing excellent value while catering to sophisticated palates.

Ideal For: Wine enthusiasts and hosts looking to diversify their home bar offerings with something truly exceptional. Perfect for special gatherings, celebrations, or just a unique everyday wine experience.

Elevate your wine selection with the distinctive flavours of Arnold Holzer’s Wagram Grüner Veltliner Orange. This 20-litre keg is a statement of taste and sustainability, promising to be a memorable addition to any wine lover’s repertoire.

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