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Rye River - Eventide - Stout - 4.5% ABV - 30L Keg (53 Pints) - Stainless Steel Keg

Rye River - Eventide - Stout - 4.5% ABV - 30L Keg (53 Pints) - Stainless Steel Keg

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Introducing the Rye River Brewing - Eventide – Stout Stainless Steel Keg, now available at in a 30L keg. This stout is a perfect addition to your home bar, ideal for any social gathering, from casual BBQs to lively parties.

Rye River Brewing Company, based in Kildare, Ireland, is renowned for its dedication to crafting exceptional beers. The Eventide Stout is a testament to their brewing expertise, offering a unique stout experience that stands out in the craft beer scene.

Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: The Eventide Stout pours a deep, dark black colour, embodying the classic stout look. Its rich, inviting appearance is sure to catch the eye of any beer enthusiast.

  • Aroma: This stout features a complex aroma profile with notes of roasted malt, coffee, and chocolate. The scent is balanced, creating a rich and inviting aroma profile.

  • Flavour: On the palate, the Eventide Stout delivers a smooth, malty taste with hints of coffee and chocolate. The balance between the roasted malt and subtle sweetness results in a well-rounded and satisfying flavour experience.

  • Mouthfeel: This stout offers a creamy and velvety mouthfeel. Its balanced composition makes it highly drinkable, suitable for both seasoned stout enthusiasts and those new to the style.

With an ABV of 4.5%, the Rye River Brewing Eventide Stout is the perfect choice for those seeking a flavourful yet sessionable beer. Its 30L keg size ensures that you can enjoy this exceptional brew with friends and family, making it a great addition to any social occasion.

At, we are committed to offering our customers a diverse range of high-quality beers. The Rye River Brewing Eventide Stout Stainless Steel Keg is a prime example of our dedication to bringing the best of the craft beer world to your doorstep. Our kegs are designed for minimum hassle and maximum enjoyment, ensuring that every pour is as perfect as the last.

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your beer experience with the Rye River Brewing Eventide Stout Stainless Steel Keg. Purchase online or in-store now at and bring the essence of Irish brewing to your home bar.

Beer Type: Stout

ABV: 4.5%


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Kegs are normally in stock next working day if ordered before 3pm.

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