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U Type Coupler (Guinness)

U Type Coupler (Guinness)

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Maximize the potential of your beer dispensing system with our U Type Keg Coupler, designed specifically for seamless integration with some of the most iconic Irish and British beverages. Ideal for both commercial venues and home bars, this coupler allows you to effortlessly serve beloved drinks like Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, Bulmers, Magners, and Smithwicks Ale.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Compatibility: Perfectly fits kegs from Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, as well as Bulmers and Magners ciders, and Smithwicks Ale, ensuring a perfect pour from these beloved brands.
  • Standard 3/8 Pipe Fittings: Equipped with 3/8 pipe fittings for easy installation and universal compatibility with most draft systems.
  • Reliable Tapping Head Style: Offers a secure, leak-proof connection that maintains the quality and integrity of the beer or cider.
  • Durable Design: Built to endure the rigors of both busy commercial environments and passionate home use, providing dependable performance and longevity.

Perfect For:

  • Pubs and bars specializing in Irish and British draughts who require a reliable tool for serving these traditional beverages.
  • Home bar enthusiasts eager to impress guests with expertly served, authentic draughts from across the pond.
  • Beverage professionals looking for a versatile, easy-to-use coupler that enhances serving efficiency and drink quality.

Elevate your serving capabilities with our U Type Keg Coupler. Whether you are aiming to enhance your service in a commercial setting or bring a taste of Ireland and Britain into your home bar, this coupler ensures every pour is as authentic as it is delightful. Discover our complete range of keg couplers to fully equip your draft system for any type of beer or cider.

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