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Lagunitas - IPA - 5.5% ABV- 30L (53 Pints) -Stainless Steel Keg

Lagunitas - IPA - 5.5% ABV- 30L (53 Pints) -Stainless Steel Keg

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All steel kegs require either a €50 returnable deposit or the return of a steel keg from the SAME brewery of the SAME size. E.G. 50L Guinness Keg for 50L Guinness Keg.

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Lagunitas IPA is not just a beer; it's a testament to the pioneering spirit of craft brewing. Born in the vibrant craft scene of California, this IPA represents the best of West Coast flavour and innovation.

Appearance: When poured, the Lagunitas IPA showcases a mesmerising amber-gold colour, clear and inviting. Its frothy, off-white head rises gracefully, promising a hop-laden adventure with every sip.

Aroma: The aroma is a heady mix of hop-driven wonder. Expect bursts of citrus, notably grapefruit, intertwined with piney undertones and hints of caramel sweetness. The fragrant bouquet sets the stage for an unforgettable taste journey.

Flavour: In true IPA fashion, Lagunitas delivers on the palate. Bold hop bitterness, characteristic of West Coast brews, dominates the profile. Yet, it is beautifully balanced with a malty backbone, offering notes of caramel and toffee. Citrus and tropical fruit undertones linger, culminating in a crisp, dry finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with a delightful carbonation, Lagunitas IPA has a smooth yet zesty mouthfeel. Each sip is an explosion of flavour, yet it remains incredibly drinkable, inviting you back for more.

For those who appreciate the nuanced craft of brewing, the Lagunitas IPA Steel Keg is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Whether it's a gathering at your home bar, a weekend BBQ, or a grand celebration, make sure this IPA is on the guest list. Dive into a keg of hop-infused brilliance and elevate your beer experience. Don't wait; purchase online or instore now.

Lagunitas Brewing Company, originating from Petaluma, California, stands as a stalwart in the craft beer revolution. Known for pushing the boundaries and constantly experimenting, Lagunitas has garnered a reputation for producing brews that challenge and delight. Their IPA is no exception. As one of the forerunners in the IPA movement, Lagunitas has perfected the art, striking a balance between tradition and ingenuity. Every keg embodies the brewery's passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality.


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