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Explore our diverse selection of kegs including Lager, Stout, and Cider, with additional styles available upon request. For weekly bar and pub delivery services, please contact Fionn at for more information.

Need a keg in a pinch? We offer emergency weekend keg collection services available until 10pm every day. Simply contact Fionn at 0868074715 for assistance.

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Please note, a keg deposit is required, or a return keg from the same brewery.

Welcome to the Mainstream Brand Kegs category at, your one-stop shop for popular beer brands. Whether you're setting up a home bar or hosting an event, our selection includes everything from Guinness kegs to kegs of Heineken, available in various sizes like keg 50L and **keg 30L.

Explore our beer kegs for sale, perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the authentic taste of **Guinness beer keg** or the crisp refreshment from a Heineken keg. We cater to all preferences with our extensive range of beer kegs for home.

Kegs Ireland and Kegs Dublin customers can benefit from fast, reliable delivery across Ireland. Whether you're looking for kegs of Guinness for sale, kegs of Heineken, or other kegs of beer, offers quality draught beer for every taste. Shop our kegs for sale today and experience your favourite beers delivered straight to your door.

Mainstream Beer & Cider Brand Kegs

Welcome to the Mainstream Brand Kegs category at, where you can find an impressive selection of some of the most beloved and recognized beer brands in the world. Whether you're outfitting a home bar or gearing up for a large event, our variety of kegs, including options like Guinness kegs, kegs of Heineken, and other popular brands, cater to every taste and occasion.

Guinness Kegs and Guinness Beer Keg: Dive into the rich, creamy taste of Ireland with our Guinness kegs, available in multiple sizes such as keg 50L and keg 30L. Perfect for any gathering, these kegs offer the authentic taste of Guinness draught you know and love.

Kegs of Heineken: Enjoy the crisp, refreshing flavour of Heineken with our kegs of Heineken, ideal for those who appreciate this globally renowned Dutch lager. These kegs are perfect for serving smooth, cold pints anytime.

Beer Kegs for Home: Looking to bring the pub experience into your living room? Our beer kegs for home make it easy to serve draught beer right from your kitchen or home bar. Choose from a range of mainstream brands to find the keg that fits your personal preference.

Kegs of Beer: Our broad selection includes kegs of beer from iconic labels, ensuring that whether you are hosting a party or simply enjoying a quiet night in, you have the best quality draught beer at your fingertips.

Kegs Dublin and Kegs Ireland: Located in Dublin, provides easy access to our comprehensive range of kegs for sale. We offer fast and reliable delivery across Ireland, ensuring that your kegs arrive promptly and ready to tap.

Whether you're in search of kegs of Guinness for sale, kegs of Heineken, or any other mainstream beer keg, is your premier destination. Browse our selection today and bring home the spirit of your favourite brewery. With, you're always just a tap away from a perfectly poured pint.