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PerfectDraft Keg - Unexpected Cloudy Beer

If you're a PerfectDraft customer and you're unsure whether your beer should be cloudy or not, you're not alone. Cloudiness in beer can be a normal part of the brewing process or a sign that something is wrong, and it can be difficult to know which is which.

How to Determine if Your Beer Should Be Cloudy

  1. Check Online Resources:

    • Use services like Untappd to see the correct pour colour for the beer you're drinking. This can give you a good idea of whether your beer is supposed to be cloudy or not.
  2. Contact Customer Service:

    • If you're still unsure, contact the PerfectDraft customer service team. They can help you determine if your beer is supposed to be cloudy and, if there's something wrong, assist with getting a replacement or a refund.

Tips for Determining Cloudiness in Beer

  • Cloudy Beers:

    • Some beers are meant to be cloudy. Beers like hefeweizens and Belgian witbiers are known for their cloudy appearance, so if you're drinking one of these, it's normal for it to be cloudy.
  • Clear Beers:

    • Other beers, such as most lagers and pilsners, should be clear. If you're drinking one of these and it's cloudy, it might indicate a problem.
  • Potential Problems:

    • Cloudiness in a beer that is supposed to be clear could signal an issue with the beer or the keg. It could be due to improper storage, handling, or a fault in the brewing process.
  • Seek Assistance:

    • If you're unsure about the cloudiness of your beer or suspect a problem, don't hesitate to contact PerfectDraft customer service. They can help you figure out what's going on and ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Summary Table

Type of Beer Expected Clarity Action if Cloudy
Hefeweizens/Witbiers Cloudy Normal; no action needed
Lagers/Pilsners Clear Possible issue; contact customer service
Other Beers Check on Untappd or similar If unclear, contact customer service

By following these guidelines, you can better understand whether your beer's cloudiness is normal or if there might be an issue. Remember, if you're ever in doubt, the PerfectDraft customer service team is here to help.

For more information or to get in touch with customer service, visit our website at We are committed to ensuring your PerfectDraft experience is seamless and enjoyable.

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