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PerfectDraft Keg - "Lively" Pouring

If you're experiencing a frothy pour or a "lively" pour from your PerfectDraft keg, don't worry. There are several possible reasons for this, and most can be easily resolved.

Common Causes and Solutions

  1. Check the Temperature:

    • One possible cause of a frothy pour is the temperature of the beer. If the beer is above 3 degrees Celsius, it can create excess foam when poured. Ensure your PerfectDraft machine is set to the recommended temperature for your beer. For Pro users, check the PerfectDraft website or app for specific temperature recommendations.
  2. Pouring Technique:

    • Incorrect pouring technique can also cause frothy pours. Make sure you're using the correct glass, and that it's clean and dry. Tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle and pull the handle down slowly and steadily to create a controlled pour. If you're still experiencing a frothy pour, try adjusting the angle of the glass or the speed of the pour.
  3. Check the Tube:

    • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, there may be a fault in the tube that connects the keg to the machine. Try swapping out the tube with a new one, which should be included with your keg purchase. If you do not have a spare tube, contact the PerfectDraft customer service team for assistance.

Understanding Nucleated Glassware

Nucleated glassware has etched patterns at the bottom, which create points where bubbles of carbon dioxide can form and rise to the surface. This process helps to maintain the beer's head and keeps the beer lively with a steady stream of bubbles. While nucleated glassware enhances the visual appeal and drinking experience by promoting carbonation release, it can also contribute to a frothy pour if not managed correctly.

Impact of Nucleated Glassware on Beer:

  • Enhanced Carbonation Release: The etching in nucleated glasses promotes continuous carbonation, which keeps the beer bubbly and maintains a good head.
  • Potential for Frothiness: This enhanced carbonation can also lead to more foam if the pouring technique is not adjusted. When using nucleated glassware, you may need to pour more carefully to control the foam.

Key Steps to Resolve Frothy Pouring

  1. Ensure Correct Temperature:

    • Verify your machine is set to the proper temperature for your beer.
  2. Use Proper Pouring Technique:

    • Use a clean, dry glass.
    • Tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle.
    • Pull the handle slowly and steadily.
  3. Check and Replace Tube if Needed:

    • Inspect the tube for faults and replace it if necessary.
  4. Consider Your Glassware:

    • If using nucleated glassware, be mindful of its effects on the pour. Adjust your pouring technique as needed to account for the enhanced carbonation release.

Additional Support

If you’ve tried all the above steps and still experience issues, don’t hesitate to contact the PerfectDraft customer service team. They can provide further advice and support, and arrange for a replacement tube or keg if necessary.

By checking the temperature, ensuring proper pouring technique, and considering the type of glassware you use, you should be able to enjoy a perfect pour every time. For further assistance, visit our website at We are dedicated to ensuring your PerfectDraft experience is seamless and enjoyable.

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